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Hook, jab and uppercut your way to our review of Box VR on PSVR.

As everyone knows, I love PSVR. When a VR game is done right, it is an experience like no other in gaming. After getting my platinum trophy on Beat Saber and seriously reducing the amount of time I was playing it, I was looking for another game to burn some energy on. A fair warning, Beat Saber will be mentioned a lot by me in this review, the similarities are too large to ignore.

I had heard of Box VR from several sources online and was looking at purchasing it. Luckily, out of no-where, I was asked to cast my eyes over it and tell you my thoughts. I thought this was a bit weird with the game being ten months old but hey-ho, lets leather up and jab jab jab.

Got to burn those calories off!

Much like Beat Saber, which by the way is one of my favourite PSVR games, Box VR has you punching targets to an epic, pumping soundtrack. You are burning off calories, doing workouts and to be fair, it does a very good job of making your exercise without you really knowing it.

After selecting your sex, weight and daily play target you are free to punch away to your heart’s content. I did the small tutorial to see what was what and it was just that, a small tutorial explaining how to hit the three target types. Mixed in with these targets are targets to block, and obstacles to squat under or weave around.

Make sure you squat under the obstacles.

Apart from custom workouts, daily workouts and a very basic multiplayer suite, that is about it for Box VR but that is by no means a bad thing. The game keeps track of your calorie loss, your game time against your target game time and various other fitness stats for your perusal. Where Beat Saber was about trying to perfect each song, Box VR is purely about fitness.

In Beat Saber, you can fail by missing or incorrectly hitting targets but in Box VR, doing badly only affects your score and calorie loss so it is a lot more laid back in this regard. Coming from Beat Saber I found it a lot easier to keep track of the targets and had a lot of fun just punching, hooking and uppercutting through the games fantastic soundtrack.

I will be a heavy weight champion before you know it.

I can definitely see myself playing this daily until I have unlocked everything and gotten all the trophies. Its a fun workout and after weeks of playing Beat Saber every day it is nice to have that small everyday video game workout back in my life and let me tell you, boy is it a workout. The first few days my arms and shoulders ached, you do not realise it at the time but its hard work, especially when you really go for it as I do.

It is the mix of fast target placements, banging tunes and punching that really gets the blood flowing. I really get involved in the experience, not just punching the targets but really smacking the targets with passion. I sweat profusely and I can really feel the game having a positive effect on my body. I think VR has a good place for video game fitness and Box VR is the best example I have seen so far.

You will start small but before you know it you will be reeling off long combos.

I must admit the striking of the uppercut and hook targets took me a bit to get used to the timings of, after no time at all though I was rattling off combos of 500+ punches and thinking I was ready to take on Floyd Mayweather. When you get into a song and get into the beat of the punches it really is a great feeling and the fact you are exercising makes it even better.

Box VR’s VR implementation is flawless. I have had zero issues with tracking, VR messiness or anything if that ilk. It just works and that is a testament to great game design and testing. It is not a complicated game but nonetheless, it works very well. I had zero crashes, zero bugs and I thoroughly enjoy myself whenever I play.

Hyper Uppercut!

Graphically Box VR is great. Again, the game is simplistic but executed very well. Everything looks nice, even on the low-resolution screen of the PSVR headset. The three selectable environments are detailed to look at and everything is modelled excellently. The soundtrack is top tier, there is a broad range of music genres and in a game like this, song choice is paramount.

Seb Hawden

Updated: Feb 12, 2020

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