Black & White Bushido

Great for for a party game and couch co-op

What do you get when you blend fast-paced platform fighting with strategic stealth mechanics? You get Black & White Bushido, a local multiplayer game that attempts to put a different spin on platform fighters like Super Smash Bros.

Black & White Bushido’s main selling point is in its name. Up to four players choose between four different samurai warriors and battle it out on two platforming levels with black and white segments. Players can then take advantage of the terrain color to blend in and deliver a killing blow with a surprise attack. Although the game only has a single attack button that delivers an instant one-hit kill, slashing and landing a blow feels punchy and satisfying.

Players can choose to battle it out in two different modes. In Deathmatch, players go all-out to see who can get the max number of kills first, while in Capture the Flag points are awarded for taking a flag that spawns in various locations. Players must hold down a button and wait a few seconds before the flag is fully captured, making Capture the Flag the more competitively challenging mode.

Black & White Bushido’s controls are simple without any complex motions or combinations expected from the player. Besides the standard jump, attack, and capture buttons, the player can hold the right trigger to blend their samurai further into the background making them completely indiscernible. On the other hand, the left trigger fully reveals the character regardless of their color as a means to taunt an opponent.

Overall, Black & White Bushido is an interesting take on the platformer fighter genre with some intriguing ideas and simple yet entertaining mechanics. Unfortunately, beyond AI bots, the game doesn’t include any form of story or campaign. As a local multiplayer party game, though, it’s a good value buy to be added in any party night’s rotation.

Yannis Vatis

Updated: Feb 10, 2019

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