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Read our review of Clubhouse Games: 51 Worldwide Classics. A fantastic collection of small games to be played with friends.

I was only saying to my kids the other day that what we needed was a minigame collection on the Switch to play together. We have been eagerly waiting for something like Wii Sports for the family to get stuck into and joyfully argue and laugh about, together.

I then get a review code for 51 Worldwide Games for the Nintendo Switch dropped in my lap. What a coincidence. 51 Worldwide Games, as the title suggests is a collection of board, sport, card, counter and other classic games that can be played locally or online for 1 to 4 players. I love things like this, I am a massive board game fan and my family have had a few days of fun with this delightful collection of mini-games.

This little package contains a game for everyone.

Firstly, the Nintendo Switch is perfect for titles like this. Games like Air Hockey use the touchscreen to great effect and you can even play two players on one Switch screen simultaneously. You can connect multiple Switches together like tiles, can play locally with multiple Switches or play online. You can even prop the Switch up on a table or counter and use the motion controls, in multiplayer for games like Bowling or Darts.

In a collection of games where multiplayer is important, the Switch is a perfect form factor to play them on. It’s very versatile and can be played in many different ways. My family has tried them all, Boxing in the car, Texas Hold ‘Em in bed and an all manner of different multiplayer variations and they all work perfectly well. It’s a great little collection of games on a perfect system to play them on.

Slot Cars was very popular in our house.

Another great touch from Nintendo is that you can download a free version from the store that lets you pay four of the games for free but even better, it acts as a free multiplayer pass if you own the game on another Switch. This means you will never be without a partner to play with if you have a friend with a Nintendo Switch or you are lucky enough to live in a household that has more than one.

Talking about the games you have, everyone should be able to find something they like to play. I have included a full of games included below.

It’s a nice mix of games that range from the completely brilliant to the not so great. They include games that everybody knows like Blackjack to games that I have never heard of such as one of my new personal favourites, Mancala. Speaking of Blackjack, remind me never to let my boys go to a Casino because they really get stuck into that game and usually finish in debt. It is great fun beating them though.

Like I said above, I love board games and there were a few on here I have always wanted to learn how to play. I always wanted to learn to play Backgammon and now I have. Along with that, there were games on here that I have never heard of that I now really like. My oldest boy and I have played Mancala too many times to count, it has a nice strategy to it and its a good battle of wits when we play each other.

Yahtzee, or Yacht Dice as it is called in this collection, for probably licencing reasons was another favourite of mine.

Another great thing about this package is its presentation and performance. Everything looks great, performs flawlessly and its all wrapped up in a neat little bundle. From the game tutorials to the globe where you can select different sets of games. Everything just works, looks lovely and is very streamlined. No nonsense, no fluff, just fun multiplayer madness.

As I said further up the review, my family have laughed, cried and fell out playing this game and it is brilliant entertainment. From hitting shots into the water playing Golf to knocking each other’s stones off the centre spot in Toy Curling. There are a lot of fun games to play and if you have someone to play them with, the Nintendo Switch is the perfect platform to play them on.

Seb Hawden

Updated: Jun 08, 2020

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