Rings, Coins and Rupees - Episode 3

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Welcome back to Rings, Coins and Rupees Episode 3, in which Kev, Matt and Mark get through a bunch more topics in our most packed talk to date.

This week’s news is all over the shop, from state-of-the-art fighter Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite to retro rehash Night Trap. In addition we talk about recent releases added to the Playstation network.

Below is the full breakdown:

2:25 - Nintendo 2D XL
6:45 - Zelda: Breath of the Wild DLC
12:50 - Ketsui
13:50 - Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite
20:20 - Night Trap
26:30 - Parappa the Rapper and game soundtracks
33:07 - Persona 5
36:45 - Forza Horizon Hot-wheels DLC
38:35 - Puyo Puyo Tetris
42:45 - Games of Glory
52:20 - Horizon: Zero Dawn
55:15 - Marvel Heroes: Omega

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