GTA Online Patch Notes - The Heist Challenge is on!

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GTA Online Patch Notes - The Heist Challenge is on!

GTA Online's latest patch is ready to go and brings with it a massive community event called The Heist Challenge. Simply, the entire GTA Online community must work together to steal a total of $100 billion in Heist Finales between now and 18th November. If successful, Rockstar will be giving a "special new vehicle" to all players in December, whether you took part in the challenge or not.

To make this gargantuan task a little easier on your wallet, Rockstar has also discounted Casino Heist setup fees by 75%, which is handy as that's probably the most efficient way to complete heists quickly with a good payout.

Additionally, if you need to complete any Casino Story Missions to give your heist an added boost, there are Double Rewards for these missions this week. Double Rewards are also available for Resurrection games this week.

While you are in the casino, coasting the joint for your next big score, maybe take a spin on the Lucky Wheel to try winning The Rune Zhaba this week.

If you are more interested in lining your own pockets, fret not, because if you log in to GTA Online between now and the end of the Heist Challenge, you will earn a $1,000,000 bonus. This will be deposited into your account sometime between 19th November and 25th November.

If you log in any time this week, an Invade and Persuade Barrels Tee is waiting for you. This is a retro shirt recalling the classic Degenatron game that can be found in any self-respecting arcades in San Andreas.

Speaking of San Andreas arcades, there are 30% discounts on all arcade properties and upgrades/modifications this week. An arcade is an essential part of planning casino heists, and you want it to look respectable and above suspicion, don't you?

Other discounts include:
Master Penthouse – 40% off
Master Penthouse Customizations – 35% off
Penthouse Decorations - 50% off
Vapid Retinue – 40% off
Vapid Retinue Mk II – 40% off
Karin Everon – 40% off
Übermacht Rebla GTS – 40% off
Lampadati Komoda – 40% off
Grotti X80 Proto – 30% off

And Prime Gaming members will get GTA$200k, a free Vespucci Canals nightclub, 70% off the LF-22 Starling, and 80% off the Emperor ETR1 this week.

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