Crusader Kings III patch notes 1.2: Customise your benevolent/tyrannical leader with the new Ruler Designer

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Crusader Kings III patch notes 1.2: Customise your benevolent/tyrannical leader with the new Ruler Designer

Crusader Kings III is a game that offers unparalleled levels of scope for a strategy sim, letting you rule your own way, with a wealth of unexpected outcomes. Now, Paradox Interactive are about to expand that scope even further with the addition of the Ruler Designer, the largest expansion coming to the game with patch 1.2.

It's simple enough; choose your ruler's starting realm and then get designing. Add traits, fine-tune their skills. Play as male or female, with any in-game culture, religion, or sexual orientation. Appearances are also customisable with thousands of options, including hair length, skin colour, eyebrow shape, and more.

You can check out how the Ruler Designer works below.

Additionally, patch 1.2 brings a number of other updates and fixes to Crusader Kings 3. Including:

  • Kill List that tracks the executions, battle slayings, and (known) murders by characters in the game.
  • UI Improvements to the Dynasty view.
  • Military Improvements allowing you to attach armies to your main force and prevent raising levies in a province beyond its supply limit.
  • Siberian Paganism added to the game as a new Faith.
  • Ugly characters now have more exaggerated facial features.
  • Changes to rules and options. Nudity is now a game setting, not a rule. The rule set can now be configured to affect the frequency of AI matrilineal marriages.

The Crusader Kings III Ruler Designer and other fixes/changes will be automatically added to the game once you have completed the newest update. For more information, please see the full patch notes on the Paradox Interactive forums.

I recently started playing Crusader Kings III on Xbox Game Pass PC and it has me hooked in a way few strategy games have since the early years of Civilisation, and this new patch is sure to add even more value to my deranged despotic entertainment.

Crusader Kings III is available on Steam, the Paradox Store, and other major online retailers. It is also available on Xbox Game Pass for PC.

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