ZX Spectrum Next Second Kickstarter smashes its goal in less than fifteen minutes!

Updated on 11th August at 9:15pm

The second kickstarter for the ZX Spectrum Next is now live – and at the time of writing is already over £100,000 OVER its original £250,000 goal. The new Kickstarter doesn’t include the base model Next but will give you chance to pick up the ZX Spectrum Next Plus and the ZX Spectrum Next Accelerated. The Early Bird Next Plus rewards have already all sold out.

The computer will be available on this second kickstarter from £300 with the Accelerated model available for £325.

You can pick up the ZX Spectrum Next by pledging here

Previously posted on 10th August

Crowdfunding a new computer platform is fraught with risks so the news that the ZX Spectrum Next is following up its successful first batch of machines with a new Kickstarter campaign for those of us who arrived a little to late to pick up the updated version of one of the UK’s computing classics is more than a little bit exciting.

The new round of crowdfunding launches tomorrow evening (11th August) at 9pm BST. We’re not sure what to expect in terms of pricing or possible tiers and rewards for the second round of the campaign but we can’t see the machines going any lower than the originals at £175 for the base model.

The ZX Spectrum Next takes the 8bit computer you know and love and gives it a faster processor and better graphics alongside a load of other features that will reignite your interest in the platform. It is compatible the original games and hardware but also is seeing its own ecosystem of Next specific titles hitting the market with enhanced graphics that look more like those you’d see on the Atari ST and Amiga. The faster processor even makes some games even more playable than you remember with much smoother refresh rates.

Keep an eye on the soon-to-launch Kickstarter page for the ZX Spectrum Next. We’ll bring you full details on the second round rewards and prices as soon as we can.

Colin Polonowski Colin Polonowski

Updated: Aug 11, 2020

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