Xi Fears Pooh: GOG announce the return of Taiwanese horror Devotion before promptly pulling it again (UPDATED)

Platforms: PC
Xi Fears Pooh: GOG announce the return of Taiwanese horror Devotion before promptly pulling it again (UPDATED)

UPDATE: Devotion developer Red Candle Games have taken to Twitter to assure fans they are looking for a new place to release their acclaimed, horror title.

You can read the full release below, posted one day after the re-release of Devotion was both announced and cancelled by GOG. Red Candle says they "are willing to understand and respect GOG's decision."

ORIGINAL STORY: In 2019, Taiwanese indie horror game Devotion was discovered to contain a rather contentious reference to Xi Jinping, the president of China. In the game, a piece of paper is found that reads "Xi Jinping Winnie the Pooh Moron." Devotion's devs Red Candle don't mince their words, that is for certain.

The "Xi Jinping" and "moron" parts are likely self-explanatory but you may have missed the Winnie the Pooh controversy.

During one of his visits to the USA, President Xi was seen walking beside then-President Barack Obama, which drew many light-hearted comparisons to Winnie the Pooh and Tigger. Most would take such ribbing in their stride, who would honestly be offended by being compared to one of the most likeable bears in the universe? Xi Jinping, apparently. The joke has been so poorly received that Winnie the Pooh has effectively been banned in China; no movies, no cartoons, no cuddly toys.

Xi fears Pooh.

Credit: The Guardian.

The thing about not taking a joke in your stride is that the second people know it bothers you, they will go in even harder. And that is just what any critics of Xi Jinping and China do, which brings us to Devotion slipping in that less than flattering but utterly hilarious slam. Unfortunately, the blowback was pretty immense for Devotion and it was de-listed from all online stores after immense pressure from the Chinese market. While some gamers will consider a pair of breasts being covered a form of censorship that cannot be abided, a foreign government forcing a game to be removed from the worldwide market is absolutely censorship and it was appalling to see so many stores capitulate to these thin-skinned bullies.

Things seemed to be on the up when it was revealed the game would be returning to CD Projekt's PC storefront, GOG, this week.

Had reason finally prevailed?

Reason, alas, had not. A few hours later, GOG announced they would not be publishing Devotion after "receiving many messages from gamers."

I think we all know who those "gamers" were and it is honestly pathetic that GOG once again bent the knee to appease a bunch of crybabies. Imagine the UK behaving like this over a game? We have a scarecrow filled with piss-soaked straw and magically animated by the cries of starving children for a Prime Minister, and I would support any game that called him such with my wallet.

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