The Best Xbox Series X Controller and Accessory Prices

With the Xbox Series X set to land in less than a month you might want to make sure you have all of the other kit you might need to take advantage of your new console. Xbox Series X owners will be lucky in that their existing Xbox One accessories should work with the console – so if you have an Xbox One controller already you’re already set to take part in local multiplayer or a session of split screen Fortnite co-op!

If, on the other hand you are joining the Xbox platform with this console a second controller might well be a worthy addition to your setup and getting your order in now will help ensure you don’t fall foul of stock shortages this side of Christmas.

The new controller is both more ergonomic and also more tactile AND it’s compatible with your Xbox One so if you can even buy one and use it on your older Xbox console if you want.

Carbon Black

Robot White

Shock Blue

In addition to controllers, there are some other essentials or nice-to haves that might be helpful.

The officially licenced media remote will be a godsend for anyone planning to use their Xbox Series X as a 4K Blu-ray player or to use one of the streaming apps such as Netflix or Disney+.

The PDP Media Remote is also compatible with the Xbox One so would be a great option if you’re sticking with the previous generation for the time being.

You’ll also be wanting one of the new Expansion Cards if you’re going to be installing a lot of games. Availability is a little patchy right now but we’ll have the latest and best prices below as and when they’re in stock.

Colin Polonowski Colin Polonowski

Updated: Oct 16, 2020

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