Xbox One X sales spike on the day of Xbox Series X preorders because of Microsoft’s confusing naming convention


It’s not just the backwards compatibility for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S that is confusing, the names themselves are causing consumers to trip up.

Andrew Alerts, the creator of Nintendeals, noted that there was a 747% jump in sales for the Xbox One X yesterday during the Xbox Series X preorder rush.

The deeply confusing naming conventions for the Xbox family has to hold some blame for this. Sure, consumers should do more research but not everyone is as deeply immersed in the gaming world as us, some of these people are parents or grandparents trying to snatch up a present for their kids or grandkids. Why would any regular person assume there are two completely different consoles named almost exactly the same thing?

Another prevailing theory is that auto-purchasing bots were let loose into Amazon without clearer information in their code. Even that theory places the blame on Microsoft for choosing such frustratingly obtuse names for their systems.

Please make sure to check your order to ensure you are not one of the unlucky many ordering a current-gen console.

As an aside, totally unrelated, IGN Deals note that zero PS4 sales were made on the PS5 preorder day.

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