Xbox may be planning a Bethesda showcase next month

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Xbox may be planning a Bethesda showcase next month

Microsoft may be planning to host a showcase event dedicated to their acquisition of Bethesda.

Journalist Jeff Grubb made the claim on the Games Beat Decides podcast over the weekend, where he said:

"I don't know if it will be a full, Direct-style event, but they will make note about it, and they will talk about it extensively, explain what it means for everybody and talk about the immediate future of both companies becoming one."

Grubb concluded by suggesting the window for the event could be "sometime in mid-March."

This would line up with the conclusion of a European Union review of the acquisition. If the EU regulators confirm the deal can go ahead, Microsoft would be free to finalise the acquisition. This would leave them open to road map their plans for the newly acquired publisher and any big announcements regarding release dates or plans for future titles.

Could this lead to clarification on exclusivity, or maybe a confirmation on a Starfield release date? Maybe some more details on that Indiana Jones game? Or a little Doom 3 announcement, as a treat? That last one is just me being overly hopeful. We will find out more in due course, should the EU review go through without any complications.

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