Xbox don’t need PlayStation to recoup Bethesda deal, says Phil Spencer

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Xbox don’t need PlayStation to recoup Bethesda deal, says Phil Spencer

After Microsoft rocked the gaming world by buying Bethesda Studios, one of the big questions that arose was just how this would impact the big Bethesda franchises. Would they become Xbox exclusives or would they share the love, as they did with their last mega-blockbuster acquisition, Minecraft?

If Elder Scrolls 6 of the next Doom or Fallout titles failed to be system sellers, they would be losing a lot of potential sales. $7.5 million is a lot of money to make back, after all, but Xbox top dog Phil Spencer firmly believes that Xbox does not need PlayStation to recoup the costs of the Bethesda acquisition.

In an interview with Kotaku, Spencer said “When I think about where people are going to be playing and the number of devices that we had, and we have xCloud and PC and Game Pass and our console base, I don’t have to go ship those games on any other platform other than the platforms that we support in order to kind of make the deal work for us. Whatever that means.”

There is no denying Microsoft have the sort of expansive base that Sony do not, they have PC and Xbox as standard, along with the ever-growing Game Pass, but the addition of xCloud expands their potential audience to customers without either of those core platforms.

Spencer’s answer does not mean PlayStation owners are being shut out of future titles, as he makes a point not to confirm such a thing and they have already confirmed that Bethesda will be honouring existing agreements with Sony, the only real answer given is that they could realistically good on their investment without PlayStation.

For the time being, this is all speculation and hypothetical situations, it is possible that Xbox chooses to keep Bethesda all to themselves. It is also plausible that Xbox offer their Bethesda titles on their proprietary platforms while also offering Bethesda titles at full retail for PlayStation owners; this would offer them the ability to make money from Sony’s base while presenting their platforms as the better option for consumers and perhaps shift some sales and subs their way in the long term.

Until we know for certain this will remain a big question mark, as it may be some time before the next major Bethesda game is ready for the eyes of the world, but the speculation will continue as the road to the next generation gets under way.

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