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Xbox 720 will be aligned with PS4

Platforms: Microsoft Xbox One

According to Ubisoft Montreal's Jean-Francois Boivin, the allegedly soon-to-be-announced Xbox 720 is currently undergoing a hardware review at Microsoft ensuring that, at least in terms of specification, the new console will be equal to Sony's PlayStation 4.

Boivin, speaking with Eurogamer, also revealed that the new console controller will be very close to the design and ergonomics of the present Xbox 360 peripheral and there won't be any major new functionality additions; ruling out a PS4-style trackpad.

Microsoft are expected to announce their new console some time in the next two months - both April and May dates have previously been rumoured, so we don't have long to wait until we know what surprises may still be in store for us. Sony announced their next console in February to what was, at the time, a pretty muted response - however the Japanese giant have since been quietly impressing us with their engagement of the indie developer community.

Last month saw the leak of what could be a new logo for the Xbox brand - possibly hinting that we'll just return to the Xbox moniker without the 720 qualification...


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