WWE's The New Day join Gears 5 as a new DLC pack

Platforms: Microsoft Xbox One | Microsoft Xbox Series X | PC
WWE's The New Day join Gears 5 as a new DLC pack

WWE's Xavier Woods (also known as Austin Creed on YouTube/Twitch) has announced that he and fellow wrestlers Kofi Kingston, and Big E will soon be arriving in Gears 5 as playable DLC characters.

Woods, Kingston and E make up the highly decorated wrestling faction known as The Next Day, who currently holds the record for the longest tag-team reign and a total of 10 tag title reigns between them and Kingston was once WWE World Champion. The trio are avid gamers, regularly working together on Woods/Creed's YouTube channel, Up Up Down Down, so this must be a huge honour for all of them.


They join fellow WWE alum Dave Bautista, who was added to Gears 5 as a DLC character and was recently recast as Marcus Fenix in the next-gen update for the title.

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