We're looking for a news editor and more game reviewers!

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We're looking for new writers to join our team to write about video games. We're interested to hear from anyone who is keen to make the first step in their journey as a games journalist or anyone who just wants to write about games in their spare time. Previous experience isn't necessary but a reasonable grasp on both English and some knowledge of current gaming is.

The Digital Fix is staffed entirely by voluntary writers - before you turn around to leave, hear us out...

We have a proven track record in helping people make the next step into games writing, many of our past writers have gone on to be well known games journalists working in the industry. We provide solid feedback on your writing giving you the opportunity to learn and improve and to build a portfolio of writing you can use in your search for paid work. We also have access to the latest games and we have more game keys than we have people to write about them - there is loads of opportunity. We can't promise that you'll like everything we ask you to write about, but writing about things that disappoint you can be just as much fun as writing about the things that you love.

Our voluntary team is looking for regular, keen writers to review games and post news - you can be platform focused or work in a niche, you can run a regular column if you like - that doesn't bother us, we just want to give you the platform to establish yourself. We're also looking for feature writers and have a small freelance budget specifically for features, so you can always send us a pitch; our regular team gets priority though.

If you're still here and would like to put yourself forward, drop us a message and we'll talk to you about writing an audition article.

Specific roles we're looking to find regular writers for include news - both platform specific and more general gaming news, reviewers, columnists, specialist writers (use your imagination and sell your idea to us!). We're really keen to hear from ANYONE. If other sites are ignoring an area of gaming you love, why not join our team and write about it yourself?

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