Worms is set to return in 2020 - and it could be all change

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Worms is set to return in 2020 - and it could be all change

Team17's brilliant Worms is set to return to gaming platforms later this year and the company are promising it'll be "like you've never seen them before".

A shot teaser was posted to their Twitter feed yesterday that plays on the legacy of the mutli-player destroy-em-up but doesn't hint at what we can expect from a 2020 take on the game.


Worms has been one of gaming's most enduring franchises having debuted on 16 bit platforms in the 1990s. Back then the game looked a lot like Lemmings - the worms themselves were tiny but the cute animations and inventive ways of killing each other meant that the original game was a big hit. While later releases in the series have improved the graphical fidelity, they have stuck to the core turn-based mechanics of the original so we hope that this gameplay is retained in any update.

We'll bring you more on the game, including which platforms to expect to be able to play it on as soon as we can...

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