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Win Resident Evil 6 Brady Guides!

Platforms: Sony PlayStation 3 | Microsoft Xbox 360

To mark the recent release of Resident Evil 6 we have five whole copies of the Brady strategy guides to give away. The Official Resident Evil 6 Strategy Guide gives the player everything they need to fully explore the terrifying and action-packed world of Resident Evil 6. Featuring all the in-depth information and detailed maps BradyGames’ guides are famous for, The Official Resident Evil 6 Strategy Guide lays bare the location of every key and restorative item in the game, key locations for cover, and more!


Expertly written walkthrough chapters give specific advice for enemy encounters and important events throughout the main story of the game, while the character and enemy chapters provide comprehensive stats and biographical information alongside stunning official artwork. The guide also features detailed information on the Achievements and Trophies scattered throughout the game and explains the best ways to accomplish these goals.

To be in with a chance to win one of the guides just leave us a comment below or let us know you interest on our Twitter feed with hashtag #DigifixRE6.

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