Will the next-gen Xbox be more powerful than the PlayStation 5? Rumours suggest it could be.

With the first hardware details about PlayStation 5 being officially unveiled last week, there are rumours that the next-generation Xbox will be more advanced than Sony’s PlayStation 4 successor.

Journalist, Ainsley Bowden has been tweeting information that he has received from various “insiders” who Bowden claims are “known sources for Microsoft/Xbox info that are very reliable”.

Bowden tweets, “Multiple insiders have now confirmed it’s true Xbox “Anaconda” will be more advanced as rumored”.

Obviously, rumours and leaks are often incorrect so take this one with a pinch of salt. However, Microsoft retaining their marketing line of having the ‘World’s Most Powerful Console’ with the Xbox One X is probably the most likely scenario for the next-generation consoles. There’s not a chance that Microsoft would want to give that up. PlayStation, with over 90 million PS4’s sold, may also try to keep costs down to keep their console affordable but powerful, though their new tech still sounds mighty impressive, and definitely not cheap.

No disc-drive, no problem.

Microsoft will almost definitely be presenting their next-generation machines at E3 this year which is little over a month away at this point. Microsoft recently showed their dedication to digital with the announcement of the Xbox One S All-Digital Edition which is releasing on May 7th with no disc-drive.

Either way, the next-generation for PlayStation and Xbox is going to be very exciting for players. With Google Stadia on the way soon too, and Nintendo killing it with the Nintendo Switch, video games are in a wonderful place right now.

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Updated: Apr 22, 2019

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Will the next-gen Xbox be more powerful than the PlayStation 5? Rumours suggest it could be. | The Digital Fix