What We're Expecting at E3 2019

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What We're Expecting at E3 2019

E3 2019 kicks off this weekend in Los Angeles, with publishers and developers revving up to reveal all kinds of wonderful video games (and consoles?) to the eagerly awaiting press and public. It's promising to be a good one, folks!

The announcements and reveals kick off with Google's Stadia Connect livestream on Thursday June 6th, and conclude with a Nintendo Direct on Tuesday June 11th. Obviously, there is a Pokemon Sword and Shield Direct tomorrow and the Nintendo Treehouse livestream following the June 11th Direct. Nintendo Treehouse always slips in some sneaky surprise announcements. Remember, there's no PlayStation at E3 this year, they have pulled out entirely to announce their projects through their State of Play livestreams.

With that being said, here is everything we are expecting to see at E3 2019. We'll discuss each conference/reveal event in the order that they will happen. First up, Google's Stadia Connect!

Google Stadia Connect

Thursday, June 6th - 5pm BST - Watch live on YouTube

Stadia Connect, while not strictly an E3 2019 event, is still an important piece in the game industry puzzle, and will definitely be one of the biggest talking points during the expo. The tech giant revealed that the Stadia Connect event would see games announced, alongside pricing and launch details. We're still not sure if the games being announced will be unrevealed games or just games that are coming to Stadia that we already know about.

Expect to get a solid release date for the platform. We're personally hoping for a pre-E3 shadow-drop.


Saturday, June 8th - 5:15pm BST - Watch live on Twitch|YouTube

EA have abandoned their press conference in 2019 to make way for a three-hour EA Play livestream that will provide deep-dives on their biggest franchises. The stream line-up is already confirmed, with Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order taking centre stage and kicking off EA Play. We are fully expecting to see the first gameplay demo of the single-player Star Wars blockbuster, after seeing the very much gameplay-less reveal trailer at Star Wars Celebration in April.

As EA have laid out their plans for E3 2019 already, we're not expecting any major reveals. Skate 4 is sadly unlikely, folks. EA Play follows Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order with Apex Legends updates, Battlefield V, the reveal of FIFA 20, Madden NFL 20 updates, and will cap off the stream with a look at what's coming next to The Sims 4. We are entertaining the idea of a potential The Sims 5 teaser right at the end of EA Play, but they might not want to undermine whatever expansion pack The Sims 4 will be getting.

Xbox E3 Briefing

Sunday, June 9th - 9pm BST - Watch live on Mixer|YouTube|Twitch|Twitter|Facebook

Xbox's E3 Briefing is the big one, the megaton, the kid in school you don't want to mess with because she's much bigger than you and has 14 first-party games to show off.

Yes, we could be seeing 14 first-party Xbox titles revealed or given updates at the Xbox E3 Briefing. Of course, we'll be seeing Gears of War 5 shown off with what is hopefully a lengthy demo. A 2019 release date for Gears 5 is nailed-on too. Gears POP! will likely make a triumphant return to E3, as well as Gears Tactics. Ori and the Will of the Wisps will likely appear, but will we see it come to Nintendo Switch, Cuphead style?

Ninja Theory will also be expected to show off the game they've been hunkering down on since releasing Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice and becoming an Xbox first-party studio.

One that keeps rearing its beautiful head is Fable 4, are we likely to see it, it it even exists? No. Should we totally be ready to get hyped if we do see it? Yes, obviously. And hyped we are, especially if this week's rumour turns out to be true.

We're expecting another trailer for Halo Infinite, following last year's beautiful teaser.

As Halo Infinite is likely to be a launch title for the next-generation Xbox, we're conflicted as to whether we think Xbox will show off the first gameplay. If they do, it'll likely be during a reveal for their next-gen consoles, as a tech-demo. Speaking of which...

Are we going to get an actual, full-blown reveal of the next Xbox? The NeXbox? The Xbox Two? We think there's a chance, but the name might be kept from us until closer to the probable 2020 launch of the system(s). Xbox have been looking to the next-generation ever since the wonky launch of the Xbox One, so what better time to do a hardware blow-out showing off the powerful tech. There is no doubt that, even if there's no next-gen tech on show, Microsoft xCloud will make an appearance in some way. Their xCloud streaming service is still scheduled to launch in 2019, and with Google set to reveal all about Stadia on June 6th, Microsoft need to coming out swinging with their own streaming service ambitions. We reckon xCloud will get a private beta announced, which will kick off not too long after E3 2019.

Xbox's E3 Briefing promises games, games, and more games; it's sure to be an exciting one. Oh, and George R.R. Martin's FromSoftware collaboration has to turn up somewhere, right?

Bethesda E3 Showcase

Sunday, June 10th - 1:30am BST / June 9th - 5:30pm PT
Watch live on Twitch|YouTube|Twitter|Mixer|Facebook

Bethesda will rock up to E3 2019 having had a pretty rocky past year. Fallout 76 released and was kind of not-very-good-at-all, Bethesda bungled the Fallout 76 collectors edition, Bethesda then tried to make amends in the worst possible way with £5 worth of apologetic in-game currency, then they... You get it. The list keeps going. Bethesda have a point to prove to players that they care about the products they are releasing, this is as good a time as any.

Expect to see both Wolfenstein spin-offs shown off in greater depth, Cyberpilot and Youngblood are both still scheduled for this year and definitely need someone to hype them up.

Doom Eternal looks like a verified hit, and that game is confirmed to be headlining the Showcase.

Many are wondering if the Evil Within 3 is likely to show up at E3 this year, and with Shinji Mikami tweeting that he will be attending E3 2019 on "business", we have hope for the future of the horror franchise .

It's completely up in the air as to whether Bethesda will come out swinging with a new trailer for The Elder Scrolls 6 or Starfield, both still seem really, really far away at this point.

Ubisoft Live at E3 2019

Monday, June 10th - 9pm BST
Watch live on Ubisoft|YouTube|Twitch|Mixer

Ubisoft has had some pretty exceptional E3 press conferences in recent years, so E3 2019 has a lot to live up to, and with the enormous (and pretty much confirmed) leaked news about Watch Dogs Legion being outed, we hope that there's still a few surprises waiting in the wings. Surprises like a new Splinter Cell? We can dream.

It's confirmed that The Division 2, For Honor, and the recently revealed Ghost Recon Breakpoint will all be getting their time in the limelight. Expect to see new content packs for former two, and an even bigger blowout for Breakpoint.

With Assassin's Creed Odyssey not getting a successor until 2020, expect Ubisoft to announce more DLC for our dear Kassandra, maybe even a 2019/2020 roadmap. The more Odyssey, the better.

The question on everyone's lips is what crazy partnership with Nintendo can we expect at E3 2019? Their collaborations, especially with Mario + Rabbids: Kingdom Battle, have been extremely fruitful for both parties, so we can only hope that Mario + Rabbids 2 will be making its debut on Monday.

Square Enix Live

Tuesday, June 11th - 2am BST / Monday, June 10th - 6pm PT
Watch live on the Square Enix website

While Square Enix usually find a way of producing incredibly dull press conferences, this year the house of Final Fantasy are promising to bring the goods.

Square will be showing off Marvel's Avengers for the very first time, after a long two-and-a-half years of anxious waiting (for me, at least) since the initial announcement in January 2017 and this intriguing teaser trailer.

After the game was confirmed to be at E3 2019, the website for the E3 Coliseum accidentally revealed a lot more about the game than it should have. The page confirmed that Marvel's Avengers would be feature "continuous single-player and co-operative gameplay", what this means we don't know, but sure are excited to find out very early on Tuesday morning.

During PlayStation's State of Play stream in May, they showed off the first trailer for Final Fantasy 7 Remake for over three years, and announced that there would be more to come in June. Well, it's June and Square Enix will be showing the intensely anticipated remake during their press conference. We expect a 2019 or early 2020 release date, at least for the first episode.

In the last few days Square Enix have also been teasing a mystery game called Outriders, which will appear during their E3 2019 live show. Hopefully this new IP (?) is a little better than their last efforts.

Lastly, Square have recently announced a deal to publish Dying Light 2 in the US, so expect to see a big reveal of the zombie-slashing sequel.

Devolver Digital

Monday, June 10th - 4am BST - Watch live on Twitch

Devolver Digital have been hitting it out of the park with every release over the past year or so, with GRIS, Pikuniku, Observation, Ape Out, and this week's 'meowtroidvania', Gato Roboto all releasing to pretty exceptional critical and commercial acclaim.

Expect a lot of weird game reveals in a weird conference, that's just how Devolver rolls.

The main thing we are expecting is confirmation of a solid release date for the highly anticipated My Friend Pedro. We reckon this could be a mid-show shadow-drop. We like shadow-drops, okay?

Nintendo Direct

Tuesday, June 11th - 5pm BST - Watch live on YouTube|Twitch|Nintendo

Nintendo are definitely not ones who will just lie down and let Xbox take the E3 2019 crown, they've got some sensational games lined up for the Nintendo Switch this year and we are more than excited.

The big one to expect, and one that will break hearts if it doesn't happen, is Animal Crossing Switch getting a full reveal, including a release date. So far we've only had confirmation that the game is coming and it's coming this year.

Aside from Animal Crossing, expect to see a blowout of Luigi's Mansion 3, Astral Chain, and hopefully the long-rumoured Retro Studios developed Star Fox Grand Prix. That last one is unlikely, but we won't give up on an idea that has so much potential.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate will likely get a few character reveals and possibly one character shadow-dropped after the Nintendo Direct. We've already seen Persona 5's Joker added to the roster with the Challenger Pack DLC, is it too much to ask to finally see Banjo-Kazooie?

We reckon Nintendo will have some surprises up its sleeve too, just don't go expecting Metroid Prime 4.

We should also see the first Nintendo Direct appearance from Doug Bowser, who took over from Reggie Fils-Aime a President of Nintendo of America in May.

Don't forget about...

That's all of the big guns accounted for, but there's a few more events to keep an eye on:

Kinda Funny Games Showcase: Over 60 indie games will be shown off by the Kinda Funny crew on Tuesday, June 11th at 12:30am BST. Watch live on Twitch, or catch it on YouTube.

The PC Gaming Show: Expect big PC reveals and lovely little surprise PC reveals. Anything could happen at the PC Gaming Show on Monday, June 10th at 6pm BST. Watch live on Twitch.

That's just some of the things we are expecting to come out of E3 2019. Let us know what you are excited to see by commenting on our Twitter and Facebook posts!

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