What Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout changes are coming following beta feedback?

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Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 Blackout beta has come to a close, and needless to say, it's been a surprise hit with the Battle Royale community. Treyarch wrote a blog post detailing the changes that'll be made for launch based on feedback received from the beta.

The most discussed aspect of the beta was armor. The first significant change detailed by Treyarch for launch is a reduction in level 3 armor availability by 75%. It will now be found more frequently in stashes and supply drops, though it will occasionally spawn in the world. Level 3 armor will also break quicker and will now pass damage to the wearer quicker. Level 3 armor will still protect against headshots, but body shots will now be more viable to the wearer. They also mention that level 2 armor will be tweaked for launch, although they do not go into detail with how they may achieve that.

Another hot topic throughout the beta was inventory management on console. Treyarch heard this loud and clear and made some changes during the beta, such as not having to look at an item on the ground so precisely to pick it up. One feature they're keen to test is a one-button pickup. They mention they like the idea of being able to tap a button once and instantly pick up an item and plan to test it internally and hopefully have this feature available at launch. Also in the works is the ability to quickly remove all attachments from a weapon, helpful if you want to drop a weapon, but want to keep all attachments for the weapon you're about to pick up. Treyarch also plans on incorporating a way of swapping attachments between equipped weapons, provided both weapons support the same attachments.

Also mentioned in the blog post is Xbox One performance. Throughout the beta, Treyarch received reports of screen tearing and choppiness when playing in Quads on Xbox One. They've pinpointed two specific issues that caused this and will be issuing a fix for launch.

They also issued some impressive stats from the beta, including most kills in each mode. The most kills for a single player in Solos was 25, nice to know my 18 kills wasn't far behind the most in a single game! Below are some of the stats mentioned by Treyarch.

  • Players eradicated 7.5 million Zombies
  • Squadmates were revived 26 million times.
  • 3.3 billion items were picked up.
  • Over 64 million Stashes were spawned.
  • The longest Combat Axe kill distance was 213 meters, or about 698 feet.
  • Players managed to eliminate 123 people with a basketball.

Most kills by an indivdual player:
  • Solos: 25
  • Duos: 29
  • Quads: 25

Most kills by a team:
  • Duos: 32
  • Quads: 38

Call of Duty: Black Ops 4 is available October 14th on PS4, Xbox One and PC.


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