The gorgeous Weaving Tides has a new gameplay trailer

Platforms: Nintendo Switch | PC | Apple Mac

Weaving Tides looks lovely in the new gameplay trailer released today, and watchable right there above. The puzzler from indie devs Follow The Feathers is set to get a playable demo via Steam soon.

Repair the world of Weaving Tides through puzzles inspired by weaving, sewing and stitching, and solve the looming mystery of this woven world before it's torn apart at the seams.

Play as Tass, a young boy raised by 'Weavers' - dragons that have the ability to repair the tearing landscape. Befriend them, and they'll lend you their own unique playstyle. If you need a moment's rest, you can unlock colourful ribbons to create your own digital embroidery in the Weaving Tides creative playground mode.

Creative Director, Verena Demel, said: "Weaving Tides lets us explore the possibilities of textile crafting mechanics, the creativity and also the cozy aspect they naturally provide. 

Every puzzle, every enemy and every challenge in the game can be overcome by utilizing the Weavers’ ribbons and their stitching abilities in clever ways. And whenever you use your ribbon to patch up the world you also add something new to it and leave your mark.

We hope our community will leave a mark they're proud of in the development of Weaving Tides."

Weaving Tides will release on PC, Mac & Nintendo Switch. Players can support the game's development via their Kickstarter campaign here, which also launches today.

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