Watch the FIFA 20 reveal trailer, FIFA Street mode confirmed

Platforms: Sony PlayStation 4 | Microsoft Xbox One | PC | Nintendo Switch

EA has released the reveal trailer for FIFA 20, with the trailer focusing on what is essentially a FIFA Street mode called Volta Football. Check out the reveal trailer above.

EA is going hard on street football this year with their Volta Football mode. This new mode will seemingly offer a lot of content for fans, with a Volta Story Mode, an online Volta League, and Volta Kick-Off.

Volta Football consists of 3v3 Rush (no goalkeepers), 4v4, 4v4 Rush, 5v5, and Professional Futsal. Players will be able to choose different size arenas to play in, and whether or not walls come into play.

Customisation is a huge part of Volta Football, just as it was in the original FIFA Street games. You'll be able to personalise your female or male avatar with clothing, hairstyles, tattoos, and emotes. You'll unlock new vanity items as you play through in-game challenges.

Volta Football is the primary focus of the reveal trailer, but today's EA Play will hopefully shed more light on the standard FIFA 20 modes too. The FIFA 20 stream begins at 7pm BST today, June 8th. You can watch that below.

FIFA 20 has been given a release date of September 27th, 2019 on PS4, Xbox One, and PC. EA have confirmed in the small print that FIFA 20 is also coming to Nintendo Switch on September 27th, but will not include Volta Football. The Nintendo Switch version is also listed as a 'Legacy Edition', and definitely does not sound like a priority for EA this year.

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