Watch and laugh as a Fall Guys hacker completely fails to win

We all love Fall Guys, the battle royale gameshow that’s taking the world by storm, but some people are so desperate to win that they are spoiling the game for themselves and others. Hackers.

We have already seen one such hacker try to get a win in a game if Block Party, before other players teamed up to take them down. Follow the link for that particular slice of Fall Guys mob justice but it does not end there.

Youtuber and Twitch streamer, Cizzorz, spotted this hacker while spectating a game of Fall Mountain. The hacker in question had a speed hack and a hit detection hack in place that allowed them to double-time to the top of the mountain without being affected by the balls or swinging hammers. A pathetic stunt that flies in the face of the spirit of the game.

Only this hacker did not take into account the fact they completely suck at the game. Even with all these advantages, they could not make the jump to the floating crown. They missed so many times, they had no idea how to get back to the track once they missed, delaying their next attempt only to fail again. Eventually, some other player won, a truly well deserved victory, and that cowardly hacker is now immortalised as a complete failure.

You can check out the video below and remember this: Every time a hacker eats shit in Fall Guys, an angel gets their wings.

andrewshaw andrewshaw

Updated: Aug 12, 2020

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