Visit Four Seasons Total Landscaping in VRChat and hold a press conference for furries, if you like

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Visit Four Seasons Total Landscaping in VRChat and hold a press conference for furries, if you like

If you are as extremely online as I am you will already know that the shit-brained twits of the Trump campaign somehow managed to book the parking lot of a Pennsylvanian landscaping company instead of the lawn of a hotel. It was a moment so sublimely, ridiculously funny that it nearly overshadowed the joyous news that Trump was joining the embarrassing ranks of the One-Termers Club and a grown-up would be leading the free world again.

The world has certainly been captivated by this deeply stupid news and, much like most things in life, it was only a matter of time before the furries got involved.

YouTuber and proud furry coopertom has built a life-like model of the Four Seasons Total Landscaping backlot for VRChat.

If you are unfamiliar with VRChat, this is where the Ugandan Knuckles meme was born and is a hive of general craziness. It was a natural choice for its own Four Seasons Total Landscaping. Seeing someone dressed like an 8 foot tall Ronald McDonald would be less bizarre than Rudy Giuliani anyway.

Four Seasons' VRChat debut, coopertom and a group of fellow furries hang out, “this is terrifying and wonderful” one fur boy marvels while others soak in the staggering amount of detail in coopertom’s work.

"I had to make sure the hose reel was here," says coopertom, justifiably proud of his accomplishments, as a player dressed as the star of ‘90s Disney cartoon Bonkers leans into view to help show off coopertom’s handiwork.

I love this video because (1) the detail is amazing and (2) I am comforted to know other people find this whole thing as funny as I do.

If you want to pay a visit to the best landscaping company the great state of Pennsylvania has to offer, you can download the map for VRChat, but you will notice a change has been made to the map as seen above; coopertom has wisely changed the Trump campaign signs on the garage door to more accurately read "Dump.”

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