Valve claims Half-Life: Alyx team is “fired up” to continue developing the franchise

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Valve claims Half-Life: Alyx team is “fired up” to continue developing the franchise

The development team at Valve responsible for Half-Life: Alyx is said to be energised about further developing the iconic franchise after the success of their VR-exclusive spin-off.

In a Zoom call with Phil Spencer and Geoff Keighley, as part of the Valve News Network, Valve co-founder Gabe Newell said the Alyx team was “fired up” about the future of Half-Life.

Newell says the VR hit "got everybody excited and [the team] has actually been very productive. Rather than them being like 'oh, we need to take a break, they've actually been incredibly fired up about development within the Half-Life franchise and VR."

While Half-Life: Alyx was a VR exclusive, namely for PC VR hardware, and Newell has invested in advancing VR tech, he doesn't confirm that any proposed future titles would be VR themselves, citing the techs limited proliferation among gamers right now: “The quality bar [for VR] isn't high enough yet.”

A future Half-Life game may well be another VR title, it is also possible that Valve will lean towards a more standard release to broaden their player base, but this is unlikely to be confirmed any time soon. Valve does not like to make announcements prematurely and, thanks in part to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, current productivity at the company "is only 50-75% of what it would be,” which is saying something when you consider how long Half-Life fans had to wait between games.

Newell suggested that he may temporarily relocate certain parts of Valve to New Zealand, where he has been staying since the pandemic began and generally has a better handle on the crisis than other nations. That might help but it is not an immediate solution. While the future of Half-Life is looking promising, we have been burned before so erring on the side of caution is for the best.

You can view the interview in full below.

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