Valheim's DLC roadmap gets an update from developer Iron Gate

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Valheim's DLC roadmap gets an update from developer Iron Gate

Valheim is the latest sensation to come to PC, the Early Access release is still in its most basic form but is already captivating players around the world, but there is more to come.

Speaking with PC Gamer, developer Iron Gate has elaborated on their planned title updates along with an updated roadmap for the Viking survival game.

Hearth and Home will be the first of the planned updates; co-founder of Iron Gate, Henrik Tornqvist, said of this update: "As the name suggests, this will focus on the house building aspect of the game, with more building pieces and stuff to do in and around the house".

Tornqvist says the update will "probably" focus on food preparation as well, such as new recipes.

Cult of the Wolf will be next. Details are sparse on the second update, but Tornqvist said it "will be an update that focuses on exploration and combat with hopefully some new fun and different encounters for the players."

Ships and Sea is the third planned update. This title seems fairly self-explanatory but is intended to "try to flesh out the ocean biome a bit more." This will help offer more incentives to explore the ocean biomes since it's "not as populated" as the other existing biomes in the game right now.

An all-new biome is set to be added in the Mistlands update. This will also bring "new enemies, new items, a new boss, new resources, everything, and that's what we have planned for this year. So yeah, that's quite a big task, but we will accept the challenge, so to speak", said Tornqvist.

Given the scale of the 2021 road map, it is likely players won't see the Mistlands until the year's end. Tornqvist explained their plans for the biomes of Valheim, saying: "In the finished version of the game, there will be nine biomes with nine bosses. And then we're also exploring adding mini-bosses and stuff like that. So yeah, there will be more bosses coming."

As you can see from the official roadmap, there are no set release dates for these updates. Valheim is barely two weeks old at this point, and players are still discovering new things within this Viking inspired otherworldly realm, so Iron Gate have plenty of breathing room before fans start clamouring for more. Even if you hit a wall, Valheim fans will need to be patient due to the development team's size and the scale of their plans.

"The whole team is working on fixing all the bugs that come to light when you suddenly get a million people playing your game," said Tornqvist. "We're five people, by the way, so we have quite a lot to do. But yeah, as soon as we feel ready, we will begin working on the updates outlined in the roadmap."

Valheim is a bona fide smash hit on Steam, hitting over 2 million sales in less than 2 weeks and regularly setting new concurrent player records. Our review of Valheim said, "in its current state, Valheim is already well worth picking up. The future is very bright for this game."

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