Untitled Goose Game's two-player mode comes tomorrow

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Untitled Goose Game's two-player mode comes tomorrow

Untitled Goose Game is adding a second playable goose from tomorrow, when the 2010 indie hit gets its latest update.

Developers House House tweeted a little reminder for everyone last week, with a reminder that your new goosey-boi does have their own honk and their own subtle differences (sporting a much pinker bill and feet) in the trailer below.

Announced back as part of an Indie World Showcase from Nintendo back in August, the update also sees the game come to Steam and Itch.io, after initially launching on consoles and the Epic Game Store in 2019.

Untitled Goose Game (Untitled Geese Game now, I guess...) was one of the surprise hits of 2019, winning D.I.C.E.'s Game of the Year award, as well as being the source of inspiration for countless memes, something this guy appreciates a lot. Sometimes all we need is a playable goose in a village with a button to honk whenever we want. Now we don't have to honk alone.

Suppose now it's "geese watching you"

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