Unreal Engine 5 demo shows just how impressive the PlayStation 5 is going to be

Platforms: Sony PlayStation 5 | Microsoft Xbox Series X

Epic have released a demo video of what we can expect from Unreal Engine 5 - and all of the footage is captured from the PlayStation 5 so this really is a glimpse in to the early days of the next generation. Check out the full video below.

We already know that Unreal Engine 5 is now supporting the Xbox Series X and PlayStation 5 but this really gives us an idea of what we can expect. The Tomb Raider like demo features ultra-realistic environments made up of billions of triangles and textured with native 8K textures. It's the closest we've seen to photo-realistic imagery we've seen.

The demo also demonstrates the power of the new lighting effects and how they add atmosphere above what we have seen on the current generation, along with more realistic physics and animations. The demo also features spacial audio and listening via headphones it really did feel like I was in the same caves as the main character.

There's little doubt that the generational leap might not be as instantly impressive as previous generations but there are clear and obvious improvements on show in the demo and given this is the earliest days of the next generation it would appear that there is a huge amount to be excited about.

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