Ultracore Now Available Digitally On The PlayStation Vita

Platforms: Sony PS Vita | Sony PlayStation 4 | Nintendo Switch
Ultracore Now Available Digitally On The PlayStation Vita

That's right, you are not hearing things. We have a brand new game available digitally on PlayStation's forgotten little handheld. Ultracore by DICE is now available on the PlayStation Store. Who said the Vita was dead? Well, most people actually.

The weird thing is that Ultracore is about 26 years too late. Originally due to be released for the Amiga, Sega Genesis, and Sega CD platforms in 1994, the game was cancelled by its publisher Psygnosis, when it had been near completion.

Ultracore was released on the PlayStation 4 and Switch last month and is now available on the PS Vita. You may think is the rarest console it will be released for but think again. Ultracore was released originally for the Mega Sg, an aftermarket console for Sega Genesis games developed by Analogue last year. Amazing times.

Anyway, we will have a review of this old-school shoot-em-up for you soon. Stay tuned to The Digital Fix for what we think, will it be worth the 26-year wait?

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