Twitch plays Microsoft Simulator; chat controls the plane and somehow doesn’t crash it

Twitch Plays is a unique and chaotic corner of Twitch, a fairly unique and chaotic platform at the best of times. The point of Twitch Plays is to program a series of commands that the chat can use to determine different actions. 

It all began with a channel called TwitchPlaysPokemon, which had the chat commanding an intrepid young Pokemon collectors journey through Pokemon Red. Exactly how chaotic did things get? It took 255 hours to finish the game.

Other channels have followed in its wake, dedicated fo such games as PUBG and Dark Souls, and the latest venture is perhaps the most terrifying of all: Letting a Twitch chat pilot a commercial airline.

Developer Rami Ismail created on the Twitch plays version of Microsoft Flight Simulator, offering a series of different inputs and commands to control the plane and tasking them with the goal of completing a journey.

The Twitch chat successfully took flight from Košice, Slovakia with their Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner aircraft and somehow things worked! The flight lasted roughly an hour before successfully landing at their destination. Here is the one-hour highlight video.

The full stream ran a lot longer and thing weren’t always smooth sailing (or flying, I guess). At one point the chat sent the plane almost skimming across the surface of the sea, as one chat member revealed on Twitter. And that same user noted that some members of the chat weren’t quite as taken with the spirit of cooperation as others and would try to sabotage take-offs by shutting off the engines.

This Twitch Plays stream is just another example of the sort of fun players and streamers are having with Microsoft Flight Simulator, including discovering terrifying obelisks in Melbourne or dropping Godzilla into the game.

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Updated: Sep 14, 2020

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