TT Games developing new LEGO Star Wars game

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TT Games developing new LEGO Star Wars game

Eurogamer is reporting that a new LEGO Star Wars game is in development that has been described by their sources as the "ultimate" LEGO Star Wars game, aiming to "tell the story of the entire saga".

Eurogamer's report follows a brief confirmation by Matt Wood from Skywalker Sound that a new LEGO Star Wars is being worked on. Wood was speaking on stage, and crucially, on the livestream at Star Wars Celebration this past weekend when he let the news slip.

Tom Phillips, News Editor at Eurogamer, confirmed that they had separately heard that the title was in production from sources close to the project.

Phillips states that "Excitingly, I've heard this next game is more than just an adaptation of the saga's remaining two episodes, The Last Jedi and The Rise of Skywalker. While these episodes will be included, the project is designed to tell the story of the entire saga and I've heard it described as the "ultimate" Lego Star Wars game. Expect to see it announced later this year."

This was a particularly hilarious moment from Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens.

LEGO Star Wars: The Video Game (focusing on the prequel trilogy), released back in 2005, was the title to really kick-start LEGO's video game dominance, and was followed by games focusing on the original trilogy, the Clone Wars film and animated series, and The Force Awakens. The titles have subsequently been released on every console, handheld, and mobile device under the sun.

I cannot wait to see what form this new LEGO Star Wars takes, we'll report all the new details for you when we have them.




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