Total War: Shogun 2 Available For Free Until 1st May

Platforms: PC
Total War: Shogun 2 Available For Free Until 1st May

To make staying at home in the current pandemic a little easier, Sega is giving away Total War: Shogun 2 for free. It will be available on Steam from 18.00 BST / 10.00 PT on Monday 27th April until 1st May.

A statement from Sega states: "The past few weeks have presented unimaginable challenges to many of us, but the remarkable collective effort being made by the global community to overcome this moment of adversity has been truly inspirational. With this in mind, we want to continue to encourage you all to stay home and save lives by extending a gift to everyone to help make this difficult situation a little bit easier."

Alongside this, select Total War titles will be on sale, although the sale will not include Rome: Total War, Total War: Three Kingdoms, or the Total War: Warhammer games.

A sequel to the first game in the series, Total War: Shogun 2 includes "a brand new AI system inspired by the scriptures that influenced Japanese warfare, the millennia old Chinese “Art of War"" in addition to Total War's usual mix of 3D battles and campaign map.

It is one of the most acclaimed Total War titles and was awarded the Best Strategy Game award at the 2011 BAFTAs, as well as holding a 90% critical average on metacritic.

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