Those fake GTA VI announcements are causing problems

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Following yesterday's hoax 'announcement' of GTA VI via GTA Online - now looking more and more likely to be the result of nefarious modders who have found a way to exploit the Rockstar announcement system built into the game, there have now been reports that not only is the hoax misleading players but Kotaku are also reporting that it is also causing the game to crash for some.

As we get more clarity around this issue, it seems that only platforms that support modding are affected - so that's PC and the previous generation editions of the game on PS3 and Xbox 360. The current gen release on Xbox One and PS4 isn't seeing these messages.

After the initial 'Coming 2019' message started appearing, other alternative wording came via later messages including statements such as 'Pre order GTA 6 now!'

Rockstar are yet to make any statement despite various outlets, including TDF, reaching out for comment. We'll update if and when we get any further information.


Grand Theft Auto VI might be on its way next year, if this message that's started appearing in GTA Online has any weight at all. We're not so sure if it's true or not and this is far from a confirmation, but the message is appearing on all platforms for, it appears, all players so it's either an elaborate hoax on Rockstar's part, a widespread hack at the server OR it is actually coming!

We have our doubts - given that Rockstar have one major game coming out in the next 12 months with Red Dead Redemption 2, we'd be surprised to see another massive game appear so soon after. It also seems like an odd decision to announce a game in this way - unless the plan was a much wider announcement that has since been pushed back.

Here's a closer look at the message:

Image credit: SupraMan97 on the Rockstar support board

We're waiting on word from Rockstar themselves on what is actually happening.

Main Image Credit: Torincasa on the GTA Support board

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