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Thor: God of Thunder Storms onto the 3DS

Platforms: Nintendo 3DS

Sega confirmed last week that movie tie-in Thor: God of Thunder is storming its way onto the Nintendo 3DS on the 9th September to coincide with the release of the Blu-ray and DVD. The third-person action adventure game will see you step into the role of Thor as you battle against the forces of Jotunheim. Armed with the mighty hammer Mjölnir you will be able to harness the powers of wind,thunder and lightning to dispatch the army of Frost Giants in a variety of ways. Thor:God of Thunder will also feature an upgrade system for the combat keeping the combat fresh and interesting for you as you battle your way through the game.


As well as featuring the voices of Chirs Hemsworth as Thor and Tom Hiddleston as Loki the game will also feature writing by the lead Thor author Matt Fraction which promises to keep fans happy in adding an authenticity to the Thor experience. The original Nintendo DS release of Thor was the highlight of the multi-platform offerings and now with the 3D treatment it looks set to be an intriguing brawler, getting the chance to scale 25 foot Frost Giants in 3D sounds good to me.


Thor: God of Thunder is released 9th September in the UK and will see a later release date of 13th September in North America

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