These images could be leaked shots of Bethesda’s Starfield

Starfield is currently Bethesda’s next big project, ahead of even the much anticipated Elder Scrolls 6, details about the sci-fi spacefaring RPG have been as scarce as oxygen in outer space since the announcement trailer in E3 2018. That may be about to change, after a handful possible leaked images emerged on image hosting site, Imgur, claiming to be from Starfield

The first is an in-game shot of an astronaut who appears to be situated in a base, which could be a moon base Or space station.

Another offers us a closer look at part of the game’s user interface as seen in the first screenshot, which features a meter measuring oxygen and carbon dioxide levels along with one tracking the gravity.

And the final image appears to be a model of a fairly bashed up spaceship.

Gathered together these images would hint at a very grounded and realistic take on space travel, with a focus on managing precious life resources paired with the rough and ready look of the space tech. It’s possible Starfield is going to take the route of showing how hard space travel would be, all from the safety of our living sofa/desk.

Adding validity to the claim that these are real is the font used in the UI, which matches font used on the official Starfield site.

I hope there is validity to these claims as the idea of an unforgiving survival-oriented space RPG sounds brilliant and, most reassuringly, it looks like the old janky Bethesda engine, that has been creaking and wheezing since the Skyrim days without being put out of its misery, has been completely overhauled as promised. These shots have some real polish to it.

Currently, in the wake of Microsoft’s acquisition of Bethesda’s family of studios, it remains something of a mystery whether this title will be an Xbox console exclusive or not, but if Bethesda can pull this off then Microsoft would have a genuine system-seller on their hands with a Starfield exclusive. After Fallout 76 shat the bed and then shat in your cereal bowl and tumble dryer for good measure, that remains a big ‘if’ until we know more.

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Updated: Sep 28, 2020

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