The Sims 4 reaches a galaxy far, far away with new expansion

The Sims 4 will be receiving a Star Wars themed expansion pack early next month, when the Journey to Batuu Game Pack is released. Announced during the opening night of Gamescom,

The trailer includes droids (BB and astromechs were shown), stormtroopers, a lovable rogue looking sim and even some of the iconic ships like the X-wing and the Millenium Falcon. Inspired by Disney’s Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Batuu will let you build your own lightsaber much like at the Disney attraction.

In The Sims 4 Star Wars: Journey to Batuu, players will leave their homes to travel to the planet of Batuu where they’ll have to make a choice on which faction to work with, as the actions their Sims take will lead to control of the Black Spire Outpost. Sims can choose to support Rey and Vi Moradi as part of the Resistance, pledge loyalty to the First Order under Kylo Ren or shift their focus to gaining credits with Hondo Ohnaka and the scoundrels. As Sims embark on exciting missions, they’ll increase their reputation, unlock new artifacts and one-of-kind clothing, customize their own droids and create a coveted lightsaber. After players leave Batuu and return home, they can even bring back some of these items, like their lightsaber, to enjoy with other Sims they’ve already created.

Journey to Battu press release

Lyndsay Pearson, executive producer for The Sims, described her team as “such big Star Wars fans” and that they “set out to create an authentic experience for players that also embodies the self-expression and deep storytelling of The Sims.”

You can start blasting your way out of cantinas when the expansion pack launches for PC and consoles on 8th September.

Ben Ingham

Updated: Aug 30, 2020

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