The PlayStation 5 will follow a much more conventional 'exclusives' strategy

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The PlayStation 5 will follow a much more conventional 'exclusives' strategy

While it would seem Microsoft are intending to make Xbox a platform rather than one specific console, Sony are taking the opposite, and more conventional, tack.

Last week we saw Microsoft's plans to support existing platforms for a couple of years at least, Sony's next gen exclusives will not be backwards compatible with the current generation. So, games like Godfall will likely get a PlayStation 5 only release. We therefore assume that if games are released across generations they'll be separate editions rather than be compatible on both systems.

This isn't new news - it appears to be sourced from comments Jason Schreier made in the Kotaku 'Splitscreen' podcast in December last year: 'I’ve heard some of the PS5 launch titles–I won’t say them yet because I’m probably going to do some sort of report on this stuff in the future–but those will be PS5 only.'

While this is obviously from insider sources, we have no reason to doubt Sony will continue the same strategy they've had since the PlayStation 2 was released.

It would seem that exclusives are going to play a big part in Sony's strategy to encourage players to upgrade to the latest hardware, while Microsoft appear to be attempting to build on the existing generation as a way to increase their saturation of the market. Many have suggested that Microsoft's plan will lead to games being developed with the weakest platform in the stack being the focus but as we've seen with the Xbox One X, which has played host to the best versions of games of this generation, this will be entirely up to developers.

With PC there hasn't been this generational split with games evolving to use new technology as it is introduced and this would appear to be the plan Microsoft are aiming to replicate in the console world.

While the next generation hardware might be broadly the same across platforms, the first party software strategies couldn't be more different and we can see the strong benefits of both options so it'll be interesting to see how the market responds when the new consoles are launched at the end of the year.

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