The Medium has already recouped all costs for Bloober Team

Platforms: Microsoft Xbox Series X | PC
The Medium has already recouped all costs for Bloober Team

Bloober Team's latest horror release, The Medium, has proven to be a huge hit for the Polish studio and has already managed to recoup its costs across both PC and Xbox.

In an interview with Polish publication, Bloober Team claimed that The Medium has already made back its developmental and marketing costs after just a week, so everything that follows will be pure profit.

Hitman 3 had a similar success story this week, but it's perhaps even more impressive for The Medium, which was only released on PC and Xbox Series X compared to Hitman 3's multi-platform rollout.

The developer hasn't shared a breakdown of its performance, meaning it's hard to discern how many units are attributed to sales and how many come through Game Pass downloads. The Medium was made available on all major retail platforms and free for Game Pass subscribers from day one. Even if the game did perform well on Game Pass, it is proof that taking your game to the subscription service is not detrimental to financial success.

Our review of The Medium hailed it as "one of the most technically and narratively sophisticated horror games to come out in years, recalling the best of games like Silent Hill."

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