The Lord of the Rings: Gollum gets first teaser trailer

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The Lord of the Rings: Gollum gets first teaser trailer

Today we got our first glimpse of Middle-Earth when Daedalic Entertainment dropped a teaser trailer for their upcoming Lord of the Rings game, Gollum. See the trailer below.

The trailer opens in a dark and damp cave, the bones of small animals and some gnarly looking dead fish, as a shadow dashes off in the background. We then get a look at some cave paintings carved into the stone, suggesting that while he might have housekeeping issues, he is a creative guy is our little Gollum.

Next he's scurrying over some rocks on all fours as he leaves his cave to see Mount Doom spewing out lava, with the rest of Mordor in the distance. The trailer ends with Gollum hiding from some of Saruman's Crebain as they fly past his cave, and we hear an Andy Serkis inspired 'Gollum'.

Half of this screenshot brings me joy and the other half fear.

IGN spoke to Daedalic Entertainment's Robert Wilkes about the game. Wilkes, the lead game designer, said the game "mixes stealth with vertical climbing parkour," describing it "as similar to Prince of Persia." Wilkes added that the game is "mostly non-combat" adding that "Gollum's strengths lie in cunning not combat." Looks like we'll be scavenging around for items to use, watching out for environmental hazards and potentially finding some "special allies" along the way, although Daedalic didn't reveal who they might be.

"We cannot wait to talk about this but it's still a bit early for that. Keeping in mind the scope and timeline of our narrative, we have to closely consider who Gollum would even be able to meet, where, and when," lead narrative designer Tilman Schanen told IGN. "This means that for the most part, they will play smaller - but in some cases very significant - roles in the story."

Schanen also spoke about the "sort of" morality system in place in the game, saying that "the decisions you make affect the way the game feels. You always either play as Sméagol or as Gollum as the 'dominant' persona and that can influence animations, soundscapes, certain gameplay situations, and in-game dialogue."

No, Gollum hasn't got 'lockdown hair', the game just follows the original source material and not the films. But yeah, he has hair.

The game will closely follow the original source material in the books, rather than Peter Jackson's trilogy of films. The game will "follow Tolkien's story quite strictly and only take some freedom for purposes of gamification or sometimes simplification." Schanen added that the team relied on "small notes in the appendices and second-hand reports from characters like Gandalf," due to "Tolkien not describing Gollum much before he appears in the books."

Personally, I don't need much convincing to get behind any LOTR game, and I will be looking forward to this coming to PS5, Xbox One X and PC in 2021.

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