The Last of Us Part II is now one of the most completed games on the PS4

Despite the raging controversy from certain players, the habitually aggrieved straight Male mostly, it turns out The Last of Us Part II isn’t as widely despised as they would like you to think.

On top of becoming the third highest-selling PlayStation 4 game, Naughty Dog’s opus is now the most completed game on the PlayStation 4’s exclusive library.

First spotted by Ungeek, the games “What I Had to Do” trophy, which unlocks on completion of the game’s main campaign, currently sits at 58%. Over half of the people who have played the game have finished it so far, which doesn’t account for all the people who have not synced up their trophies and it won’t account for people who take their sweet time playing games so the number could well rise.

Maybe that doesn’t sound a lot but to avoiding any narratives that nearly half the user base hates the game (you know that would be coming from these people who will die angry), if you compare it to some of the other acclaimed exclusives for the PS4 it comes out on top of them all. Marvel’s Spider-Man currently has a completion rate of 50.7%, while major ’game of the generation’ candidate God of War has 51.5%, and this year’s Final Fantasy 7 Remake has 53.3%.

While the story was controversial, Naughty Dog crafted a bold and compelling narrative experience that kept players hooked until the credits rolled. The numbers don’t lie.

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Updated: Sep 04, 2020

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The Last of Us Part II is now one of the most completed games on the PS4 | The Digital Fix