The Last of Us Part II: Factions footage surfaces

Back in September of last year, before one of several delays hit the title,  Naughty Dog explains via a tweet that The Last of Us Part II would not be shipping with Factions mode, the incredibly popular online multiplayer mode that came with the original title.

The suggestion is that their idea of Factions may come in the form of DLC or even a standalone multiplayer title.

Since that announcement, the title has suffered from a campaign of vindictive information leaks, including major story spoilers and a fair bit of gross misinformation designed to rile up a certain section of the gaming community already prone to aggressive overreaction. 

One of the more benign parts of that leak included test footage for what looked like a test for Factions mode. 

The footage has been pulled several times already but it has now resurfaced, showing a frenzied sequence. Players are all using the same character models and certain audio assets are being reused from the previous game but that is quite common for such early-stage development.

The Last of Us Part II saw some serious upgrades in the way combat and stealth worked in the game, among some of the most layered and flexible action systems in a game of this generation, so applying that to the already successful Factions formula could be a real winner for Naughty Dog.

Hopefully, more information will surface around this much-missed game mode, perhaps at tonights State of Play stream, which is said to focus on the future of the PS4 as opposed to any new PS5 announcements.

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Updated: Aug 06, 2020

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