The Fortnite rift mystery deepens as things start disappearing before players eyes!

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The Fortnite rift is continuing to grow and it's now having a noticeable effect on the map in a series of one-time events that are seeing various memorable destinations and landmarks being swallowed up right in front of players eyes.

Firstly there was the motel sign and now most recently the recognisable face of Tomato Town has been caught on camera being engulfed in an anomaly - its gone now.

The best thing is, these events seem to be on a schedule, and much like the rocket launch, if you know what time to be online there's a good chance of catching something being destroyed yourself. According to the folks over on Reddit, make sure you're online at 9PM BST (that's 4PM EDT for our American chums).

Right now there are anomalies in Tomato Town and the Motel - which have already been affected and also outside of the NOMS fast food joint in Retail Row - our money is on something going down there next.

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