The Fermi Paradox is an interesting look at first contact

Platforms: PC

From Anomaly Games comes The Fermi Paradox, a choice-based narrative strategy god game where you become the galactic gardener, tend to the universe, and guide it towards harmony, destruction, or somewhere in-between. Launching on PC later this year, check out the debut trailer above.

With your critical voice, you shall guide the galaxy’s path, forging a history and future for each planet, starship, civilisation, and species with the choices you make. With hundreds of unique story events featuring thousands of choices, you wield the ink that will write the story of the galaxy. Will you encourage the first inter-species contact, help ignite a sexual revolution, or push civilisations towards a devastating galactic war? Carve a unique interstellar saga with each playthrough, and be the one to write the unwritten tale of the universe.

Wrapped in beautiful, passionately-crafted artwork and UI, with stunning sci-fi visual design and a haunting, atmospheric original soundtrack, The Fermi Paradox brings the “god game” genre to a galactic scale, where strategy and thoughtful decision-making is key to crafting a narrative where anything is possible. Evolution, extinction, first contact, lost resources, great wars, civilisational development, the breakdown of religion, technological progress, united colonies, complete and utter catastrophe. Yours is the hand that will guide the galaxy, choose wisely.


  • As the galactic gardener, guide up to 10 civilisations in parallel, with many different, gorgeously designed alien species forming those civilisations. Will they perish, survive, or thrive under your direction?
  • Face over a thousand choices that will alter the course of history, and feel the consequences of your actions millennia later.
  • Not every choice must lead to planet-ending conclusions, on your journey you’ll tackle more personal, smaller challenges too, with starships and colonies bringing different narrative events and impacts.
  • Replay your intergalactic saga to craft a vastly different story that leads to a different ending for the universe. What would you do differently?

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