The cancelled Xbox 360 GoldenEye remake is now playable on PC

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The cancelled Xbox 360 GoldenEye remake is now playable on PC

An HD remaster of Rare's classic N64 GoldenEye 007 was originally planned for release on the Xbox 360 back in 2008. Unfortunately, a myriad of rights issues collided between Nintendo, Microsoft (who became the owners of Rare sometime after their N64 heyday) and the rights holders to the James Bond IP, and the game was scrapped, seemingly never to be seen again.

Smash cut to 2021 and footage emerged of the fabled port of the game-changing action game. It got tongues wagging and salivating in equal measure as a fascinating snapshot of what could have been.

Now, the XBLA port for GoldenEye 007 is out in the wild, and you can play it on PC.

Since this is not an official release, you will need to find it on the internet. Maybe on some sort of archive dot org. It can be played on the Xenia emulator, which is probably the best Xbox 360 emulator available. However, it is relatively demanding by emulator standards and can crash if your hardware isn't up to snuff.

I have tested the game, and it works wonderfully. The remastered graphics look polished for the standards of the day, there is even a toggle button to let you switch between the classic look and the remastered look for some emphasis. The game plays as you remember with the option of an auto-aim feature to make things less tricky in hectic moments. The build appears near-complete but is missing multiplayer, obviously.

vs the guy she told you not to worry about.

This will likely be the only chance GoldenEye fans will have to relive the game in anything resembling a modern context. The Bond license is now resting with IO Interactive, who suggested the Broccolis do not want to make Bond games that are nothing but mindless violence. For all of GoldenEye's many great qualities, mindful pacifism is not one of them.

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