The Best Nintendo Switch and Nintendo Switch Lite Deals

Nintendo’s duo of consoles might not be the most powerful – but they are arguable the most fun thanks to Nintendo’s stunning selection of first party titles. No other console has a line-up that includes the best ever Zelda game in Breath of the Wild, the best ever version of Super Mario Kart 8, the brilliant Mario Maker 2 and countless other brilliantly fun games.

The recent arrival of the Nintendo Switch Lite makes the Nintendo Switch even more portable than it already was making it the ultimate commuting partner.

To help you join the Switch revolution we’ve put together our picks for the best deals on the consoles right now…

Nintendo Switch

There are a few varieties of the standard Nintendo Switch – the main two currently available are the Red & Blue Neon and the Grey coloured Joy-cons. In terms of functionality they’re identical, so the list below is the cheapest prices against all models of the standard dockable Nintendo Switch console.

Nintendo Switch Lite

It may have only just hit the market, but you can still pick up a decent deal on the newest Switch available…

Colin Polonowski Colin Polonowski

Updated: Sep 23, 2019

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