Team17 want you to join a cult in 2021

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Team17 want you to join a cult in 2021

Team 17 have been putting out some of the most endearingly old school, addictively entertaining, yet engagingly layered games since day one and in 2021 they are ready to go where few other people would dare: They’re starting a cult.

Honey, I Joined A Cult is a cult management sim, courtesy of Team17 and Sole Survivor games, set in a funky, 1970s cult. Managerial duties will include choosing a deity, recruiting followers, designing and building your compound, growing in influence and power while fending off internal issues and outside forces that mean your totally not insane organisation harm such as the press and government.

It’s mandatory for all recruits to watch the new trailer

Based on Team17’s superlative track record of late with titles like The Escapists, Overcooked, and Moving Out, gamers should have every reason to be excited about joining this cult.

Honey, I Joined a Cult coming to Steam Early Access in 2021, you can get in line for punch right now by adding it to your Steam wishlist here.

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