Tanglewood lands on PC and SEGA Mega Drive today!

Retro gaming done properly

Gorgeous retro platformer, Tanglewood, makes its PC debut today alongside the SEGA Mega Drive version! Not only that, PC buyers get a ROM version of the game that they can use on the original hardware themselves!

Tanglewood is a classic side-scroller in the vein of Virgin’s timeless 16-bit platformers Aladdin and The Lion King, mixed with influences from a certain hedgehog and some metroidvania-style exploration. The player controls the fox-like Nymn, who is lost in the dark and dangerous wilds of the Tanglewood. Nymn is desperate to return to his family pack, and must survive being hunted by several dangerous beasts. Other creatures, however, will assist Nymn, providing colour-changing power-ups to help him on his journey home. Expect chases, puzzles, tricks and traps, demanding boss fights and many surprises along the way.

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Colin Polonowski Colin Polonowski

Updated: Aug 14, 2018

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