Take-Two CEO claims Rockstar will continue to focus on single-player experiences

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Take-Two CEO claims Rockstar will continue to focus on single-player experiences

Take-Two, the parent company of Rockstar, has reaffirmed the GTA studios commitment to single-player gaming. CEO Strauss Zelnick explained during an earnings call this week that despite the growing success of live-service titles like GTA Online and Red Dead Online, the focus on single-player gaming is not going anywhere.

"The folks at Rockstar Games intended to create a powerful single-player experience and story-driven experience. And Rockstar has always been known for great stories and great single-player experiences and then developed in addition, a massive multiplayer opportunity over the past years," Zelnick said.

It's not a binary matter for Rockstar as Zelnick points out both GTA V and Red Dead Redemption 2 exist as both single-player games and massively multiplayer online games, "Rockstar can do both of those things," said Zelnick.

Zelnick discussed the industry's persistent chatter about single-player gaming being dead, something transparently false when you view the sales figures: "There was an argument just a couple of years ago, not around here, not in this shop, but in some of our competitors' offices, that single-player is dead, that it's all about multiplayer. We didn't believe that I said specifically and publicly that we didn't believe that, our labels don't believe that".

It makes sense. An excellent single-player game is the best way to sell an audience on spending even more time in that world through the online multiplayer. I doubt I would have sunk 800 hours into GTA Online in 2020 without GTA V endearing me to that game world so much.

Rockstar fans will likely have to settle for replaying the classic single-player campaigns (perhaps again on a next-gen console) or continue playing the MMOs until they are ready to announce GTA 6.

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