Switch Releases for the week of 29/01

Platforms: Nintendo Switch

Welcome to a brand new bit of news, every week we will be going through some of the upcoming releases for the Switch and choosing some of those to keep an eye on. We have some great titles coming out this week and something for everyone as a result.

The first on our list this week is Shiftlings which is a Puzzle Platformer from Sierra and Rock Pocket Games. The game is set in an intergalactic reality show and follows a pair of space custodians as they make their way through the 55 levels. The game can be played in co op or single player so it'll slot nicely into the ecosystem. The Switch is getting the Enhanced Edition completed with 60 fps and support for all the play modes the console provides. You can pick it up from 01/02/18.

Next is the jovial point-and-click adventure from Billy Goat Entertainment called Her Majesty's Spiffing. Players will take control of Captain Frank Lee English and his Welsh colleague Aled as  they solve various puzzles in amongst which is immersed in witty humour. The game has a very British humour to it and is an example of a kickstarter game done right. It will be available from 01/02/18.

Aeternoblade is a metroidvania game that was released in 2014 on 3DS but will no doubt find an entirely new audience on Switch. The story of Freya who is on a revenge fuelled quest to kill the Lord of the Mist who destroyed her village. It is a mix of puzzling, action and some RPG elements that will appeal to fans of the genre and is out on 01/02/18.

Night in the Woods is a fantastic story driven adventure game that saw a lot of success on other platforms and will be very at home on the Switch. You play as Mae who has dropped out of college to return to Possum Springs and try to reconnect with her friends. Something is different though and you get to find out what it is as you journey through starting on 01/02/18.

We have Sky Force Reloaded coming out on 01/02/18 as well. A classic shoot 'em up from Infinite Dreams, it is a fast paced bullet hell with good visuals and a great gameplay loop as you upgrade your ship to keep taking down new enemies. Plus you can play through it all with 2 players which will help as the difficulty ramps up throughout.

Finally we have the orignal SteamWorld Dig also releasing on 01/02/18. The game follows Rusty on a journey through the ground to uncover riches and fight against the threats that may be hidden deep down. A metroidvania which was wonderfully followed up by it's sequel last year, this game is well worth playing if you enjoyed the second iteration but have never played this.

There will definitely be something for you here and it is a good week for indie titles. Next week we have a couple of bigger releases to look forward to so see you then.


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