Is a Nintendo Switch Mini coming soon? A retailer leak suggests it might be

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Is a Nintendo Switch Mini coming soon? A retailer leak suggests it might be

There have been rumours for a while that there may be a couple of updated Switch models coming soon, and while there have been plenty of assumptions that a more powerful model is in the offing with a better screen and more beefy processor we've heard from a couple of independent sources that a 'Switch Mini' is also coming.

The new device would included integrated Joy-cons and a slightly smaller 5 inch screen alongside internals that match the current model in terms of performance.

Now a Chinese retailer, Honson, has unveiled a range of cases and accessories for exactly such a console. The images include a render of the console as we'd previously been given information on - we're expecting multiple colour options, but other than that descriptions we've been given match up perfectly with what is on the Honson site.

Ergonomically, the Switch Mini is identical to the existing console, but with non-detachable controllers. We've been told separately that the device will remain compatible with additional Joy-cons and all other Switch peripherals that don't require the Joy-cons to be removed from the device.

In addition to the Switch Mini, our original source also mentioned that a more powerful version of the Switch is coming with a processor designed to provide more efficiency and the grunt to throw things around more effectively at 1080p. This new, more powerful Switch, allegedly can run The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt at a consistent 30fps frame rate at 1080p when docked and 720p in handheld mode and there's a chance that it could be launched with that game later this year either in terms of timeframe or maybe as a bundle. It was suggested to us that this model may be known as the Switch Pro or Switch XL but it is expected to retain the same size screen as the current model; only swapped out for one that can offer 1080p and a lower power draw.

To retain compatibility with existing peripherals the dimensions and connectivity are set to match the current console.

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